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Our Process: Entirely done by hand, starting with the first sketches to the final stitch.

The first step in block printing is the production of the original design. We do this by hand painting our patterns and then scaling them to the size of the block. Our inspiration draws from the patterns we encounter day-to-day, whether it be in nature or on the street.

Teak (sagwaan) is the perfect base for carving as it is strong and doesn’t absorb water or distort in shape or size. The craftsmen cut pieces according to the required block size, careful to cut away from any knots in the wood. The wood is painted white to increase contrast and visibility. The designs are laid onto the large, smooth wooden block and fixed into place, reversed. Blocks are then carved by master carvers who have been carving for many generations using hand made tools that they make themselves according to the requirement.

Once the blocks are ready, the printing begins. The printing is done by master printers who dip the wood blocks into a tray of ink and then carefully place by eye on the fabric. There are many printing methods but this is by far the most popular and what Studio Ford uses for the majority of our products. 

Finally our products are sent to the sewers where the printed fabric is turned into a scarf, pillow, napkin, or table cloth. Our quilts are taken to a smaller village outside Jaipur to be filled with natural cotton and hand sewn by women in a rural village. Once the products are completed they are tagged and quality checked. Eventually they make it to our studio in Los Angeles where they are quality checked again and prepared for shipment to our customers.


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